History and Background

Capitan (Europe) Limited was founded in 1973 in Croydon, Surrey, England. It has been operating successfully since then in various parts of Africa and the Middle East as an Export House and procurement agent.

Capitanís first major assignment was as a procurement and supply organisation to East African Railways corporation. In this role Capitan acted as a buying agent in a role similar to Crown Agents© . Since then Capitan has become firmly established as an Export House, supplying goods as well as services in various countries in Africa and the Middle East. Capitan supplies a very large range of items connected chiefly with medical - health, engineering, stationery, paper, electrical, agricultural, educational and transport requirements of various organisations world-wide. In addition, Capitan has also acted as buying agents for Government and Parastatal organisations whose requirements are large and varied, working on commission basis.

Capitan also has expertise in providing turn-key projects in which we procure competitive international companies which can design, build and also provide suitable financial packages.

In East and Central Africa and the Middle East, Capitan has been supplying goods and services since 1973. Capitan has supplied
  • Pharmaceutical products - medicines as well as surgical instruments and dressings and medical kits, etc., to Hospitals and Health Departments,
  • Vehicles - lorries, cars, tractors, land cruisers, etc. Spares for the same, seeds, knap-sack sprayers, herbicides and pesticides and protective clothing, tarpaulins, etc. to agricultural and transport organisations.
  • Locomotive spares, steel, chemical products, machinery and machinery spares, hand tools to Railways and Ports.
  • All types of cables and accessories, fuse gear, transformers and other electrical requirements to Electricity Corporations.
  • Paper, including computer paper, printing services, films and chemicals, books, etc., to Government Printers and Education Departments.
  • Tents, ponchos, uniform material and uniforms, beds, Landrovers and spares for vehicles and various general requirements to Defence Forces.

Above classes of goods are not exhaustive. The names of goods and products that Capitan have supplied would be too long to mention here.

Because of Capitanís vast knowledge and experience in various fields, keen and competitive prices, prompt service tailored to the needs of our customers, Capitan has succeeded, despite keen competition, in attracting business from Government and Parastatal companies as well as private companies. Capitan also regularly participate in tenders invited by Government and Parastatal organisations under World Bank loans, European Economic Committee loans, African Development Bank loans as well as purchases financed by Government and financial institutions. Indeed Capitan has succeeded in such tenders, when competing with even manufacturers, by providing better prices and terms.

At times, urgent spares have been flown to countries within 24 hours of the order when there has been a break-down in services for lack of spares. Bureaucratic delays, as with some of our competitors, are unknown in Capitan. Capitan has keen appreciation of the needs of itís customers and the need to promptly respond to urgent requirements. Capitan fully appreciates the need to supply goods at competitive prices and the value of providing a prompt and efficient service. In Kenya and Tanzania, Capitan was able to successfully compete and replace the Crown Agents who have been traditional suppliers to various customers in some Parastatal organisations.

Capitan normally supply goods on Letters of Credit confirmed by a prime U.K. or similar bank, or against cash advance against orders, or on sight in special cases to approved customers, in emergencies and urgent matters.


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